Jan 20, 2016

You look up and see...

(in the cave)

  1. A large, crude painting of a human skull with antlers. It's red
  2. Tree roots that somehow managed to crack the stone. A bird has made a nest in one spot
  3. A band of ants marching. Every ten centimeters, there's an ant that's ten times as big as usual
  4. A tiny lizard looking for dew. It's licking the ceiling
  5. A pink gemstone, stuck in the rock. It's warm to the touch
  6. Nothing unusual

(in the abandoned prison)

  1. A clothed, not so complete skeleton, pinned to the ceiling with daggers. Judging by the uniform, it's a former guard
  2. Runes, drawn to look like cracks, that spell: "NENWNWWSW"
  3. A hole, just big enough to fit a child, leading to the section above
  4. A snare made of clothes
  5. Short chains with sturdy hooks at the ends. One is still dangling
  6. Nothing unusual

(in the cottage)

  1. A small mirror, cracked. Some shards are missing
  2. A wooden chandelier with four arms. One candle is black and unused
  3. Torn pages from a book, glued to the ceiling. The facing page numbers are all prime numbers
  4. A thick, grey curtain. If taken down, a cache of hard bread is revealed along with a bottle of wine
  5. Soot. It's smeared across the ceiling and looks almost like a letter
  6. Nothing unusual

(in the forest clearing)

  1. A curious animal head shaped like a pear, gracing down at you. The neck, long and slender, disappears behind the tree tops
  2. The sun, larger than usual
  3. A pack of small birds carrying away what looks like a human body
  4. One cloud that's changing its shape to the beat of your breathing
  5. A small tree, uprooted, slowly drifting away into the sky as if dragged by an invisible force
  6. Nothing unusual

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