Aug 30, 2015

Care Bears inverted

The bears live in the land of Care-a-lot, named ironically after their apathetic inhabitants.

Each bear embodies a spell.

Each bear controls a part of the land - and inhabitants - through that particular spell. The spell shoots out from their belly, a ritual wrongly called the Care Bear Stare. The Stare is actually a hollow-eyed greeting demanded of the inhabitants. Ignore the stare and face the lair, as the old saying goes.

The color of their fur dictates the bear's natural/favoured environment/realm.

# Name Spell Fur color and realm
1 Bedtime Bear Sleep Blue; The ocean floor
2 Birthday Bear Create food and water Golden yellow; Dry desert
3 Cheer Bear Prismatic spray Pink; City of Flesh Golems
4 Friend Bear Charm person Orange; The abandoned theater
5 Funshine Bear Hideous laughter Sunshine yellow; Beneath the Burned Sundial
6 Good Luck Bear Obscuring mist Green; The Furthest Forest
7 Grumpy Bear Storm of vengeance Dusty blue; Twilight Towers
8 Love-a-Lot Bear Fear Light pink; Heart-shaped Shores
9 Tenderheart Bear Detect hostile intent Brown; The Mud Moraine
10 Wish Bear Meteor swarm Light teal; The village of winged houses

Each bear is a demigod.

No bear care for the others.

Aug 23, 2015

Literal Swedish translations makes a tiny encounter table

  1. Shield toad
  2. Leech cone
  3. Sea mouth
  4. Garden sucker
  5. Book ox
  6. Sun blossom fly
  7. Bonfire wasp
  8. Moon horn wether
  9. Packhouse death envoy
  10. Large thorn berry fart
  11. Ogre spindle
  12. Here bird
  13. Tallow ox
  14. Late walker
  15. Fly pouch oak grouse
  16. Finger animal
  17. Humus wader
  18. River horse
  19. Lip bear
  20. Fur flutterer

Aug 15, 2015

PuterPlane (an extremely tiny setting): monsters

  • Djinn-ish
  • The tornado-like body is actually smoke coming from overheated circuits inside its monitorhead.
    • It can only maintain this form for 30 mins before it shuts down and needs to cool for 10 mins
    • When in cooling mode it looks like an ordinary puter, turned off
    • The overheated smoke-body-mode is achieved by running this small program:

      10 GOSUB 20
      20 GOSUB 10

Keyed Cobra
  • Snake-ish
  • It attacks with its keyboardhead, trying to punch in command sequences to curse its subject
    • Each successful hit will leave a mark on the targets forehead in the shape of a letter (key)
    • When the last letter in the command sequence is typed into the targets forehead, the curse activates
    • Some command sequence examples and their effects:

      FORMAT C: (memory loss)
      CHCP 864 (target changes language)

Tandy Tentacles
  • Octupus/blob-ish
  • Oracle
    • Those brave enough may ask a question by typing it in reverse on its keyboard
      • The reversed typing is due to the fact that the Tandy Tentacle reads from the other side of screen, much like a mirror
  • Lives on cowhide

  • Hound-ish
  • Gatekeepers
  • Each monitorhead runs its own program, that helps the creature overall
    • One head runs the past events-program (e.g. remembering stuff)
    • One head runs the planner (e.g. how to move its legs, shortest route to places, avoiding danger, etc.)
    • One head runs the monitoring program (e.g. are we hungry? are we overheating? are we being attacked? are we hurting?)
  • The three monitorheads shares the same processor (found in its body), so each head only gets 1/3 of the processing power
    • Cutting off/terminating a head does not make two new ones grow out, but it will give the remaining ones more processing power (for example: from 1/3 to 1/2)

Aug 12, 2015

Instead of hit points: a glass egg

Every person ever born has one hit point. This hit point is contained in a glass container, shaped like an egg. Inside, a semi-transparent gas that pulsates like cloud swept lightning can be seen.

The glass egg is your phylactery.
The gas is your one hit point.

If the egg breaks, the gas disappears and you die.

When you are born, the egg pops into existence somewhere near you. It could be the under the bed, or on a shelf in the castle, or in the well in the town square.

If you travel too far from the phylactery, your body starts to decay, accelerating the further you travel from it. But you won't die, as long as the egg is whole.

This is why many folks never move; they haven't found their phylactery, and the fear of travelling too far makes them stay put.

This is also how undead are made; regular people that travel too far from their glass egg, either driven away by force or ignorance. Remove enough flesh and soon you'll have yourself a zombie.
Pushing on even more, you'll end up as a skeleton.
And then, when the last bone withers away, you'll continue as a spectre; a pale sheet of your former self.

Liches are just powerful wizards that forgot to bring their glass egg with them. They stopped travelling when they got tired of flesh falling of their body.