Aug 25, 2013

Use your body

  1. Poisonous tongue
    Pros: May coat any weapon with a mild poison by licking on it.

    Cons: Must save vs. poison every meal, or risk self-poisoning
  2. Pullnose
    Pros: May extend nose by pulling it, for a chance to gain an even more sensitive nose. Every 10 cm pulled qualifies for a 2d6-roll on the table below (and replaces any previous gained property):

    1. Detect mild poisons in food/drinks
    2. Can track a scent like a dog
    3. Finding mushrooms have never been this easy
    4. Can determine if someone's lying by their odor
    5. Nothing - nose changes color to pale blue
    6. Nothing - nose glows in the dark
    7. Nothing - nose grows another 5 cm
    8. Can smell an object and gain a bit of knowledge about it
    9. Smelling flowers reveals what type of creatures that has passed by in the last 24 hours
    10. Smelling a dead body for at least one hour to gain a memory/spell (in case of wizards)
    11. Smelling a bar stool reveals a secret about the village/town

    Cons: Anyone can pull (doesn't grant a roll on the table above). New nose length is permanent.
  3. Clenching fist
    Pros: By clenching his/her fist really hard, the person produces (hopefully) liquid equal to one cup. Can do this once every hour. Roll 2d6 on the table below to see what he/her produce:

    1. Clean water
    2. Red wine
    3. Fine sand
    4. Mud
    5. Oil
    6. Blood (lose life)
    7. Ectoplasm (50% risk a ghost materializes)
    8. Water that smells of sulfur
    9. Pure poison (save vs. poison)
    10. Really bad beer
    11. Fresh, cold milk

    Cons: Need to make a dexterity check after each clenching. Failing means the person passes out for 1d6 hours.
  4. Tired eyes
    Pros: By making eye contact with somebody, and then slowly blinking a couple of times, the blinker has a 5% chance to make the victim fall asleep.

    Cons: Save vs. constitution, or you fall asleep as well.
  5. Bedroom eyes
    Pros: Works exactly like Tired Eyes, but instead of falling asleep, the victim will reveal any information and secrets known to them (in exchange for promises of hugs and kisses and whatnot), during the next ten minutes. When the effect ends, the victim will have a grim headache.

    Cons: All victims turn into stalkers after a day (5% are violent, 50% are incurable romantics and will recite poetry and bring flowers, 50% cries and posts long letters "signed with tears").
  6. Edible beard
    Pros: The beard of this person is nutritious and satiating.

    Cons: It tastes awful, no matter the seasoning. Only half of the serving is digested; the other half works like a beacon for the Shadow Lurkers, gnarly creatures that grants this property to beards during the night time. The undigested beard works as stuffing, since the Shadow Lurkers believe humans needs a bit of seasoning before cooking.
    The Shadow Lurkers will try to drag away the stuffed person during the night. They can smell undigested beard in a ten mile area.

Aug 11, 2013

The Lair of Shub-Muggah

Mr Telecanter offered a challenge the other day: Make a one page dungeon that uses only images and visual devices. No words. No abbreviations.

My attempt at this is below. The biggest challenge for me was to keep the "visual dungeon dressing" (e.g. skulls and bones and stuff laying around) at a minimum, since I wanted to use clear symbols and icons (like ideograms) to give clues to the DM reading the map. One way to solve this I guess is to draw the DM symbols in a different colour.

And yes, drinking from the Muggah cures headaches and tired eyes.