Jan 27, 2013

Honest Willard

Honest Willard

What: Small, single story house next to any lonely road. Four rooms of equal size: shop, bedroom, backroom (locked), kitchen.

People: Only Walter Willard, a man with a mustache. Sells curiosities from his shop, dead cheap. Everything's magical. Can't say where he got them from, though.

What's the deal with this guy: Everything he sells is magical - and cursed. There's a spinning, purple vortex in the backroom, connected to a similar shop on another plane, where a tall moon man runs a garbage disposal facility that specializes in cursed items.

What about the vortex: It's possible to enter the vortex, but years of disposing cursed items has tainted the flow, and will permanently curse anyone foolish enough to stick their thick head in there.

What about unhappy customers: Although many have wanted to chop his little head off, Willard is stuck with a Pacifist curse, making it impossible to even start hurting him. He got this many years ago when he stuck his thick head in the vortex.

Jan 15, 2013

Dwarf oil

A very long time ago, the greedy dwarfs lived inside their mountains, digging deeper and deeper for riches.

Some say dwarfs were once giants living above ground, tall and skinny as pine trees, but as they dug closer to the centre of the earth, gravity reshaped their bodies along the way. When the pressure became too high, their bodies finally gave in and the dwarfs popped like bubbles. All that remained was their black blood, filled with powerful greed, and it filled every hole and crevice deep down in the mountainside.

But this was a long time ago. Nowadays, the crazed orks drill everywhere for this black gold, hoping to pump some fuel for their strange machines and devices of war and destruction. Some say it's even good for your skin.

Jan 6, 2013

The Compleat Spell Book of The Great Escape

Increases the prominent attribute of the target (Strength for the strong, Intelligence for the smart, etc.).
Unfortunately, will also decrease another attribute which isn't viewed as characteristic of the target (Intelligence for the strong, etc.).

Grants the target a bonus when fighting in the country side, although he still got a fog in his chest so he needs a lot of rest.

Target finds everything pleasant and nice, when in fact s/he (along the rest of the adventuring party) has been teleported to the bizarre, vertical 31-story Labyrinth of the Misaligned Trellick, an old knocked over tower.

Target is immune to all types of charms, and radiates an aura that makes everyone in the direct vicinity immune as well.

A curse that will haunt the target for some time. He or she will constantly meet people from the same background, and while enjoyable, will eventually wither away unless the curse is broken.

Conjures an annoying golem in fashionable clothes. Given a rug, the golem takes flight.

Target dissolves and becomes part of everything in the current room for a few minutes, allowing him or her to for example eavesdrop without the need to hide.
Beware: doing this outside will make the target insane, since s/he will be part of of every single part of the Universe.

Pros: Target is granted access to one larger organisation, with all its benefits and enemies
Cons: It's most likely a very boring organisation.

Target will have nightmares the following two nights. Both involves travelling with unknown, strange vessels of which the second can travel through the air.
Worst part is: no one will want to travel along.

Makes target more vulnerable to charm spells, through empty promises about easy money.
Somatic component: caster repeatable draws the target's lucky number in the air.

Target will repeat everything he or she did yesterday, like if it was that day again. Will do this without any complaints or afterthoughts.

Target can no longer see people below his own presumed social class.

Like mirror image, but the clone is sillier.

Curses the target to long for something else, several days away. All actions are at a penalty, unless some sort of alcohol is consumed, which takes away some of the blues.

Summons two small spirits that will obey the caster for six minutes. When the seventh minute comes, they will cease with whatever they are doing, kiss each other and then disappear.

Jan 2, 2013

7 devils

A spell of summoning tiny devils from below (or above, if you're already down there).

Roll 7d6, one for each devil.

Die results:
1. Either this die failed a summoning (nothing happens), or you've summoned fourth their master as well (see more further down)
2-3. Wicked devil (red)
4. Chaotic devil (slowly changes skin hue in pulses, going through the colours of the rainbow)
5-6. Nice devil (purple)

  • Wicked and nice devils will begin wrestling immediately, trying to push each other through the ground.
  • Nice devils will perform one simple task before disappearing, as long as there are no wicked ones in sight
  • Wicked ones will only taunt and bother anyone in their vicinity
  • All devils will disappear after a few minutes

Chaotic devils are further divided into:
  1. Greedy: flies around, trying to eat anything shiny until they're too heavy to lift from the ground.
  2. Sleepy: flies up in the air, yawns, and falls to the ground sleeping. Wakes up, and repeats the procedure.
  3. Paranoid: hides behind each other. Hates to be seen.
  4. Crazy about clothing: wants to wear any piece of garment it lays its eyes on, even if it's already being worn
  5. Imitating: repeats what others are saying, even if it doesn't understand the language. May also occasionally mimic gestures.
  6. Identity crisis: believes it's a...
    1. Cat
    2. Bird
    3. Furniture
    4. Sunbeam
    5. Someone's shadow
    6. Close relative to one of the players

Alternative for when a summoning die shows a one:
Instead of indicating a failed summoning, you've actually brought fourth a big, horned devil. It will take control of the other small devils, and attack immediately.