Aug 26, 2018

The OTHER spell components

You all know Verbal, Somatic and Material. Meet their cousins:

  1. Mansplaining: you must spend 1d4 rounds explaining to the spell's target IN DETAIL everything there is to know about the spell; WHO researched it first, WHEN, WHY, HOW MANY OF YOUR FRIENDS are casting it, the list of OTHER SPELLS you considered casting before settling on this one, how many TIMES you've cast this spell, and why WOMEN can't cast it properly even though they surely will TRY to
  2. Staging: you must spend 1d6 rounds preparing and rehearsing the spell. EVERYONE - friend or foe - needs to be involved, but remember this: YOU are the director, the grand visionary, the only one who TRULY knows how the spell will play out. Of COURSE there will be an audience at opening night (another 2d20 rounds spent looking for people). Great, you all wait here will I go and break down in my trailer
  3. Vegan: this fireball you just cast at me, it doesn't quite...well you know, it looks like a fireball, but there's, here...something about the texture...yeah yeah it's hurting all right, but it's not...the heat is not like anything I' don't I did not know about unethical heat extraction of the multiverse...I will consider that in my next life

Aug 12, 2018

Monster Manual doodles

Yes I know the Baalroch is supposed to be a bull with wings, but I'm thinking maybe it's time for crocodile-faced Baalrochs now.