May 2, 2021

Sejten, a dungeon map, with some hooks

Have a vanilla dungeon map I did over the last two days, including the two smaller mountain range pictures showing the area around the lair/dungeon/slightly evil place.

(And my six year old daughter named it. No I don't think she knows who Satan is.)

Adventure hooks, or maybe rather just things I make up as I watch the image above that you may find useful to get your creativity going
  1. The bear skin rugs becomes animated for 2d6 minutes whenever someone mentions anything related to either food or weapons
  2. The rats are highly intelligent and will sell for huge amount of coins. They understand human speech but can only squeak
  3. Each painting holds a piece of a larger map on the backside, marking the birthplace of whoever built this place
  4. While sitting on any chair, time passes twice as fast
  5. Each rug acts as a time portal if the right word is spoken while standing on it (each rug has it its own word); anyone standing on the rug will travel in time but not in space for 1d6 minutes, and then return to the present:
    1. (the past) When the lair was being constructed
    2. (the past) One minute ago
    3. (the past) When the lair was controlled by a very jolly queen who loved all and everyone
    4. (the past) When the lair was controlled by a very gloomy necromancer who hated everyone, but rats most of all
    5. (the past) The very moment when the To-Be-High-Lord-Snake-King and its troops invaded the lair (then controlled by a never-to-be-seen-again tribe of very friendly, human-sized rats)
    6. (the very far future) Faulty, malfunctioning robots patrolling the halls, trying to shoot laser beams at any intruder (but not succeeding because a future dungeon party nicked all guns just days prior to our time travellers, replacing the guns with regular LED pen lights)
  6. The egg is not an egg

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