Nov 20, 2016

PuterPlane (an extremely tiny setting): landmarks: MATTERHERZ


  • Looks like mountains, but aren't
  • Actual a short sound sample (22 KHz, 8 bit, mono) on pause
  • Each Matterherz pseudo-mountain belongs to one specific being on the PuterPlane, be it person, animal or AI. Upon death, the sound sample will resume play, and thus change the landscape
    • The sample is potentially loud; been known to knock people on their arse, and even make certain bots skip a cycle

Nov 18, 2016

PuterPlane (an extremely tiny setting): weapons and doodads (part 0x01)

Cathode-Ray Gun

  • Small Beam weapon
    • Smallest amount of damage
    • Concentrated attacks may inflict X-ray radiation on the target
    • Shots may be scattered when magnetic fields are present, making it an unreliable weapon 
  • Often built from scrap
    • The cathode-ray part can be salvaged from Monitorhead monsters such as ABC 80-WAYS2DIE and Commodoreberus
    • Needs a power source
      • Pedal-powered generators are popular and easy to construct

Mutated capacitors

  • Lick them to release their energy (save vs. shock; fail = heart stops, success = table below)
    1. Become illuminated for 1d6 hours (known as a Hartley curse)
    2. Index finger is charged; stored energy will be released upon first touch (roll on this table again, affects touched target)
    3. Your ears goes into hyper-signal-filtering the next 1d6 hours, making any type of spoken language ("noise") clear and understandable to you (not the exact words, but the general meaning)
    4. Reverse hyper-signal-filtering: speak only pink noise for the next 1d6 hours. Speaking in this mode will most likely attract KORG WORGS
    5. Flatten out any sudden change in violence: damage done to/by you cannot differ more than 1 point from the previous damage inflicted (unless this is the first damage done). E.g., if the previous hit inflicted 5 points of damage, and the next hit would do 2, it will instead do 4, and so on.
    6. You can summon a very weak gØlem by taking two equally sized metal plates, making them almost touch, and then separate them slowly. The space between them will open a portal, summoning the gØlem known as DIE!!lectric.