Oct 24, 2015

Halloween, not so mean

Incontinent Pumpkinhead, will chase you in short sprints

Howlin' Pumpkinhead, with his neglected child due to "career choices"

Boogie-woogie Man

Conservative Grandpaghost who scares like they did back in the day, and little Short Round who's more into comics and video games and stuff.

Headless lord Bartholomew, terrifying as hell but unfortunately blind since he lacks a head. 

Oct 18, 2015

Space crap

Crap ideas for slightly crappy drawing:

  • The crew of the tiny space faring vessel El Segundo
  • From left to right:
    •  Doctor-bot C.A.G.A.D.A, specialized in species nobody's heard of
    • Captain Mierda, secretly planning to steer the vessel into a sun
    • Zurulla, has an evil left arm someone else controls (a droidstalker in a ship closeby)
    • Spiderbot Diminutos Caca, contains the former captain's brain currently in hypersleep
  • Current mission:
    • Deliver the steel crate box they picked up on CULATO XIV to the space port orbiting waste management moon NALGAS MENOR. Note on crate reads (in space common): "PLEASE DO NOT OPEN. PLEASE DO NOT EAT. PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER."
  • Selection of previous missions:
    • Deliver twelve bottles of fine wine to local president Salchicha Marrón. Failed.
    • Deliver several crates of extra heavy potatoes to some farmers. Successful, but the crates sounded a bit too metallic to contain potatoes, and the farmers looked a bit too armed.
    • Deliver local ex-president Salchicha Marrón to safety. Failed.
  • Rumour table (true or false? Roll 1d10 for the entry, and 1d20 to see if it's true or false: equal or lower = false, otherwise it's true):
    1. There's a tiny, non-functional gun on board that could blast away a planet. It's missing a part.
    2. Zurulla's helmet is filled with voidspace; the most empty void in the universe
    3. The spiderbot can transform into a heat gun
    4. The El Segundo clones every time it hypertravels; some of the clones are out to kill them
    5. The mirror in the bathroom on deck 2 is actually a telehypervision, displaying a parallel universe
    6. The mat in the captain's room is a creature from the planet E. STIÉRCOL II; it lives of sweat
    7. The captain steers El Segundo through his feelings
    8. C.A.G.A.D.A. is building a half-droid in his room. It is stealing parts from things they're supposed to deliver
    9. The droidstalker controlling Zurullas left arm is the original owner of the arm; it wants it back
    10. El Segundo can transform into large robot; the spiderbot works as its head when in that shape

Oct 6, 2015

On the distant island of Alphabet

On the distant island of Alphabet
crazy creations in motion are set.
The librarian warlock, tired of reading,
tore his books apart (without any grieving)
and threw them in the magic sea
(they are quite common there, you see).

But as he stood there on the shore,
face red, yelling: "WADDA NEED EM FOR?"
the dissolved paragraphs of sunken pages
touched the crazed geniuses of drowned mages.
"Neat!" one of the Water Magi said,
"let's bring life to that which always been dead!"

So now, on the distant island of Alphabet
twenty-six beasts crawls out of the wet.
Apex, ascender, serif, ear and tie.
All different, both in shape and cry,
but together they roam as a flock
proud children of the librarian warlock