Oct 18, 2015

Space crap

Crap ideas for slightly crappy drawing:

  • The crew of the tiny space faring vessel El Segundo
  • From left to right:
    •  Doctor-bot C.A.G.A.D.A, specialized in species nobody's heard of
    • Captain Mierda, secretly planning to steer the vessel into a sun
    • Zurulla, has an evil left arm someone else controls (a droidstalker in a ship closeby)
    • Spiderbot Diminutos Caca, contains the former captain's brain currently in hypersleep
  • Current mission:
    • Deliver the steel crate box they picked up on CULATO XIV to the space port orbiting waste management moon NALGAS MENOR. Note on crate reads (in space common): "PLEASE DO NOT OPEN. PLEASE DO NOT EAT. PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER."
  • Selection of previous missions:
    • Deliver twelve bottles of fine wine to local president Salchicha Marrón. Failed.
    • Deliver several crates of extra heavy potatoes to some farmers. Successful, but the crates sounded a bit too metallic to contain potatoes, and the farmers looked a bit too armed.
    • Deliver local ex-president Salchicha Marrón to safety. Failed.
  • Rumour table (true or false? Roll 1d10 for the entry, and 1d20 to see if it's true or false: equal or lower = false, otherwise it's true):
    1. There's a tiny, non-functional gun on board that could blast away a planet. It's missing a part.
    2. Zurulla's helmet is filled with voidspace; the most empty void in the universe
    3. The spiderbot can transform into a heat gun
    4. The El Segundo clones every time it hypertravels; some of the clones are out to kill them
    5. The mirror in the bathroom on deck 2 is actually a telehypervision, displaying a parallel universe
    6. The mat in the captain's room is a creature from the planet E. STIÉRCOL II; it lives of sweat
    7. The captain steers El Segundo through his feelings
    8. C.A.G.A.D.A. is building a half-droid in his room. It is stealing parts from things they're supposed to deliver
    9. The droidstalker controlling Zurullas left arm is the original owner of the arm; it wants it back
    10. El Segundo can transform into large robot; the spiderbot works as its head when in that shape

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