May 9, 2013

Chewing Warlock

Chewing Warlock

Hungry wizards from the far away land of Amusebouche. They usually worship the drunken vampire god Aperire, known for her great thirst before dinner. 

May only cast spells while chewing on something edible. Young warlocks tend to favor sap the first couple of years, until they grow sick of the gooey taste. Pies, cherry tomatoes and roasted chicken legs are more common among the older, fatter warlocks.

Chewing warlocks may only use cookbooks for storing spells. They'll have to make do of any available space left on a recipe page.

There's a small risk that a recipe leaks into a spell while the warlock memorizes it. For example, some claim that the Wicked Witch War all started because of a misaimed Magic Missile and Shepherd's pie.