Dec 9, 2019

PuterPlane: Running Server

Running Server

  • Kangaroo-sized
    • But moves like an ostrich
  • Head is tablet
    • Weapon; display one random file from its hard drive:
        • Attacker is confused for one round
        • But reveals information about running processes (+3 bonus against this Running Server) 
      2. TWAIN.DLL
        • Save vs. Scan. If fail, Running Server has a visual copy of attacker and may print out clones that will defend it
        •  Save vs. Tinfoil Hat (or Deciphering), or stand useless for 2 rounds trying to make sense of the symbols
  • Tail is power chord
    • Must recharge once per day for at least 2 hours
      • Running Servers that go without power start losing information at the rate of 1 file/hour
      • Information hungry, will hunt and devour interesting things if re-powered and memory was lost
  • Chicken legs
  • Type of pack animal
    • Domesticated by Binary Herders in server farms