Sep 14, 2019

Stuff I've written on this blog that I had forgotten I had written but still like

Just some links to old stuff on this blog that I kind of like but had forgotten I've ever written. My memory is pretty limited so I easily forget. This is some kind of meta-post, so ignore at will.

(This is not a best-of post, or "these posts represents my writings the best". It's more like "I awoke too early because my daughter needed to go to the bathroom and while she fell asleep straight away after I couldn't so I wasted away my time on my blog".)

  • Non-physical swordsEthereal swords that harms spirit and mind, but leaves the body untouched
  • The Swords of Ålrick the Hairy Barbarian - On his eighteenth birthday, Ålrick was given a choice of weapon to represent him on the battlefield - the swiftness of a sword, or the might of an axe. Ålrick couldn't decide, and demanded a combination of them both
  • Chewing WarlockThere's a small risk that a recipe leaks into a spell while the warlock memorizes it. For example, some claim that the Wicked Witch War all started because of a misaimed Magic Missile and Shepherd's pie
  • Spells are individuals - or more like fish maybeSpells are individuals, meaning there are only one of each in the whole wide world. The witch who memorized read magic is the only one capable of casting that - until she does, after which the spell is free for all to catch
  • PuterPlane (an extremely tiny setting): monstersCommodoreberus
  • String demonsWitches, hags and other foul mouthed creatures such as school children, have the inborn ability to summon string demons by chewing on strings and then spitting them out on a hot stove

(On more or less serious note only of interest to myself: to me, it's sad to see how my writing changed during the more intense days of G+. I was never invested or part of any scene on G+ in any major way, but I can see how my usual not-so-serious writing changed into a more gritty and/or grimy deal, maybe thinking "it can't all be Douglas Adams, it must DARK AND VERY SERIOUS and if it's supposed to be funny, make it DARK HUMOUR".)