Aug 15, 2015

PuterPlane (an extremely tiny setting): monsters

  • Djinn-ish
  • The tornado-like body is actually smoke coming from overheated circuits inside its monitorhead.
    • It can only maintain this form for 30 mins before it shuts down and needs to cool for 10 mins
    • When in cooling mode it looks like an ordinary puter, turned off
    • The overheated smoke-body-mode is achieved by running this small program:

      10 GOSUB 20
      20 GOSUB 10

Keyed Cobra
  • Snake-ish
  • It attacks with its keyboardhead, trying to punch in command sequences to curse its subject
    • Each successful hit will leave a mark on the targets forehead in the shape of a letter (key)
    • When the last letter in the command sequence is typed into the targets forehead, the curse activates
    • Some command sequence examples and their effects:

      FORMAT C: (memory loss)
      CHCP 864 (target changes language)

Tandy Tentacles
  • Octupus/blob-ish
  • Oracle
    • Those brave enough may ask a question by typing it in reverse on its keyboard
      • The reversed typing is due to the fact that the Tandy Tentacle reads from the other side of screen, much like a mirror
  • Lives on cowhide

  • Hound-ish
  • Gatekeepers
  • Each monitorhead runs its own program, that helps the creature overall
    • One head runs the past events-program (e.g. remembering stuff)
    • One head runs the planner (e.g. how to move its legs, shortest route to places, avoiding danger, etc.)
    • One head runs the monitoring program (e.g. are we hungry? are we overheating? are we being attacked? are we hurting?)
  • The three monitorheads shares the same processor (found in its body), so each head only gets 1/3 of the processing power
    • Cutting off/terminating a head does not make two new ones grow out, but it will give the remaining ones more processing power (for example: from 1/3 to 1/2)


  1. I absolutely love this. What a creative throwback to old school computing! :)

  2. Is this what happens when you day dream while programming (at work)?

    It's good stuff!

    1. It's more or less what I _do_ at work, punching command sequences into people's foreheads.