Jul 29, 2013

HMS Duncan

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HMS Duncan is built on the exoskeleton of a World Tortoise. It's a submarine vessel, used by its current crew for collecting artifacts from the sea floor.

Through a hole in the front, the Duncan can "vacuum" objects from the outside and spit them out in area F. 

There are no windows.

There's a functional communicating system on board: hollow copper pipes are installed in every room. Speaking in one will echo your voice everywhere.

A. Bridge
A rather large armchair is located here, with its back against the wall (e.g. it is placed at the leftmost position on the map, facing the room). There are three, narrow slots at the end of each armrest, shaped after human fingers. The captain uses this for controlling the Duncan, although somewhat indirect (see area G).

B. Hatch (exit)
Enter/exit the Duncan through a hatch on the top of the shell.

C. Messdeck
A messy room, filled with chairs and tables.

D-E. Cabin
Crude, hard beds, two in each room.

F. Deckhouse
Also known as the debris room. There's a hatch in the floor, through which vacuumed objects from the outside can be collected.
It's pretty messy room.

G. Engine room
Here lives the entity merely known as the Lump, the one who actually runs the Duncan. Few have seen this creature, since it keeps the doors to this room locked at all time.
When the captain sits in the controlling chair (area A), she will communicate with the Lump, telling it where the crew want to go, but it's the Lump that has the final say.

Current crew
Captain Czarlotte de Bonne
Yellow, braided hair. Yellow eyes. Face scar. Uses a gnarly crutch, that's actually a concealed rapier.
Sloppy, messy, intelligent.

Chef Étienne Choron
Extremely tall, skinny. Clean-shaven (even eyebrows). Long, narrow fingers.
Formal, uncompromising. Hates onion soup, so when he's sulking, that's what he'll make.
Has a familiar in the form of a blue, translucent ghost frog. It follows him around.

The Lump
Lives in the engine room. Drives/operates the Duncan.
Otherwordly (?), tentacles (?), spotted (?), etheral (?), lives on the magic leaking from the engines (?).

HMS Duncan is currently en route to the port of Bandar Karahc, the large desert harbor in the east.