Mar 15, 2021

Lair of the Bear that doesn't care

The lair of the bear that doesn't care

it can be everywhere

because when it hibernates

it transform, its body infiltrates

nature, like a balloon it inflates

< dungeon dressing, hallways, locked gates >

< mimic's blessing, old ways, ungrates >

The bear becomes the lair

but it doesn't care, 'cause it knows

between its snoring growls,

dreams of me and you and daring do's

and foes -

nine beats per minute

 nine beats per minute

  nine beats per minute

   nine beats per minute

    nine beats per minute

   nine beats per minute

  nine beats per minute

 nine beats per minute

nine beats per minute

Bells of spring ring, a recurring familiar thing

visitor begone, system collapse, song of crushing throng

blink and shrink and shrink and blink

visitor begone, take the money and run

the lair of the bear that doesn't care

resume, time to consume -

a beautiful day in June

The lair of the bear that doesn't care

it can be everywhere


Jan 9, 2021

Bathroom Dungeons: The Stairway to Hell, lvl 1

Had a lot of coffee today, so I... Anyway, have a map! Follow the tag to see more in this series!


Jan 8, 2021

It Starts To Burn: Easy Rules for Solo Play

I was thinking about solo play the other minute, which is something that's always fascinated me (how to keep oneself interested in what I've already thought of? etc.). I have zero experience with solo play frameworks (I can't remember any at least), and since I have nothing better to do, I thought I might as well take a stab at it.

So here is my attempt. I call these framework IT STARTS TO BURN.


I guess nearly all game frameworks need a way to resolve conflict. Anytime there's a need to resolve an uncertain outcome, or a decision needs to be taken "objectively", roll 1d6 and and consult the following table:

  1. It starts to burn
  2. It starts to burn
  3. It starts to burn
  4. It starts to burn
  5. It starts to burn
  6. It starts to burn

 And that's it. Comment below if you want me to provide a method of how to convert this other die types.


Write something down. Unfortunately, at the moment, all characters in this framework must be called Amen Vafan (I plan to release a compendium later on with rules on how to name your character differently).


Amen Vafan

Traits: Dungeon delver, Sorceress, Very Smart

In backpack: Torch, Weapons, Rations, Stuff, Things

Attire: Pointy hat with embroidered stars, Cape with embroidered stars, Frock with embroidered skulls (with stars for eyes) - all purple

Current objective: "My rat's down there - I need to save it!!"

After my long rest at the hard, cold, stone floor, I arise again to face the never-ending hordes of skeletons and undead in this nasty tomb.

I open my backpack and indulge in some of the food I brought with me, hoping it will restore some my health.


Oddly enough, the cheese wedge in my hand starts to burn, and I hurry up and eat it before it burns my tongue too much. Knowing the farmer, I must say this burnt taste was sadly an improvement.

I pressed on, torch ready in hand to light my way through these dark hallways.


As expected, the torch is well alit and aburning and eh ailluminating my surrounding area. Unfortunately, the whole torch is burning, and I must hurry to the next intersection before my hands light up.

Some moments later, I arrive at what must've been some sort of combined armoury/library/kitchen/sleeping halls/passage to lower levels - very common in these kind of tombs.

A rat! Alas - not my rat. This one was walking upright, clad in armour, and had a foul appearance (besides being a rat). I knew not if it had yet to notice me.


Strangely enough, the rat's suddenly engulfed in flames - a fire rat wizard! Or rat fire wizard! It turned around and faced me with a grim look on its face, spun its little furry paws as it prepared to cast a spell and let it go at my direction.

I immediately threw myself to the left to avoid the foul magic, and landed on a combined table/bed/book case/stairs down.


And the combined table/bed/book case/stairs down caught fire, but at least I had avoided the spell successfully.

As a reaction, I grabbed first thing from my backpack and threw it at the fire wizard rat.


As the thing hit the wizard fire rat, it started burning a second time, now twice engulfed in flames, alit atwice, and could not see anymore. It stumbled off in another direction, I could not see which due to all the smoke and flames and fire, but I cared not, because to face a wizard rat fire is to surely meet one's doom.

I quickly descended the stairs to the next lower level.


I hurried up the descension to not burn my feet, and as I reached the stone floor on the lower level, the stair case was all alit from atop to abottom.

I pressed on, since the search for my rat was far from over...