Sep 8, 2013

Peddler of imps

Imp peddlers can be found everywhere, from the filthiest, most crowded street corner, to the loneliest road beyond the mountains. But you'll only find them when you're not looking for one.

They sell imps, more precisely the short-lived, chaotic devilkins most folk don't want nothing to do with. The peddlers don't have a stock of imps, but will conjure a fresh one for each buyer (after payment, of course).

The conjured imp will obey its new master most of the time. That is all that is known to the player.

Creating the imp
The imp will live for 2d4 days.

After this, it will:

  1. Start to bloat, until it drifts off like a balloon in the sky
  2. Start to bloat, until it explodes (damages anyone nearby)
  3. Dissipate like water
  4. Turn into 2002 beetles that flies away
  5. Split into two smaller copies, which will split again into smaller copies, and again, and again - until no copy is visible
  6. Turn to marble
  7. Living its life in reverse (backtracking its steps, etc.), down to the very summoning (which will banish it instead)
  8. Become mummified over the course of 10 seconds
  9. Start burning intensively
  10. Head falls off - then the arms - legs - tail

But during its lifetime, it will Crave and Fear an item from the following list (roll for both):
  1. The sight of blood
  2. The smell of flowers
  3. Heights
  4. Hats
  5. Repeating patterns
  6. Water
  7. Paths and trails
  8. Lit torches
  9. Its own reflection
  10. Its own death

Imps are actually capable of scheming, despite common belief, but they're pretty limited. Roll on the table below to get the imp's hidden agenda:
  1. When master no see me, must hide his stuff in ground
  2. When moon is high, must sneak away and find wolves
  3. When master and us is sneaking, must bark loud
  4. When master not watch his plate, must sit on food
  5. When walking, must trip master
  6. When in town, sneak away, spread rumors about master
  7. When see wizard, pretend to be better familiar for he
  8. When sleeping, take stuff from friends and put on master
  9. When sleeping, eat on master's clothes
  10. When meet other imp, learn another scheme