Jan 29, 2020

Anagramming Monster Manual - Part A

Larvae Snare It
Tiny things that strangles their victims

Stupid monster that ruins a blog post.

Anti Gnat
Grotesque mosquito that injects a load of blood into your veins, for different purposes (to marinate you from the inside, to make you fluorescent, to...).

Green and mean and hideously large beings that rolls down hills and CRUSH their enemies - while still being very healthy for you.

A Bake Ex
A golem you used to date. Very aggressive.

Jan 20, 2020

Instead of starting in a tavern maybe just do Marvel Zombies

...where the players are infected zombies with superhuman powers and super hunger for human flesh and they just try to infect as much as possible - across the planes.

Jan 4, 2020

Pouch Pals

Pouch Pals always comes in pairs. They keep small pouches dangling in strings from all over their body - but mostly wrapped around their fingers.

Their sour look may give the wrong impression, but they're usually non-hostile. They never speak, so all communication is done through hand waving, pointing, nodding, grunting, the usual stuff. Pouch Pals talk to each other only through stares.

Their pouches contain all sorts of things - 50% magically in one way another, i.e. powder that summons piglets, conjures burning goat heads, very fast snails, or just goes POFF and that's it with the neighbourhood. If not magical, it will most likely be some kind of spice - cinnamon or allspice are popular.

They are not believed to be of the living, or even human.

Gamable quotes from my daughter

”This sucks out bad dreams from your brain, and turns it into food.”

”Daddy, once there was a troll, and he sneezed a forest.”

"There are Big-Kings, Middle-Kings and Little-Kings. Middle-Kings are the size of a puppy."