Aug 30, 2015

Care Bears inverted

The bears live in the land of Care-a-lot, named ironically after their apathetic inhabitants.

Each bear embodies a spell.

Each bear controls a part of the land - and inhabitants - through that particular spell. The spell shoots out from their belly, a ritual wrongly called the Care Bear Stare. The Stare is actually a hollow-eyed greeting demanded of the inhabitants. Ignore the stare and face the lair, as the old saying goes.

The color of their fur dictates the bear's natural/favoured environment/realm.

# Name Spell Fur color and realm
1 Bedtime Bear Sleep Blue; The ocean floor
2 Birthday Bear Create food and water Golden yellow; Dry desert
3 Cheer Bear Prismatic spray Pink; City of Flesh Golems
4 Friend Bear Charm person Orange; The abandoned theater
5 Funshine Bear Hideous laughter Sunshine yellow; Beneath the Burned Sundial
6 Good Luck Bear Obscuring mist Green; The Furthest Forest
7 Grumpy Bear Storm of vengeance Dusty blue; Twilight Towers
8 Love-a-Lot Bear Fear Light pink; Heart-shaped Shores
9 Tenderheart Bear Detect hostile intent Brown; The Mud Moraine
10 Wish Bear Meteor swarm Light teal; The village of winged houses

Each bear is a demigod.

No bear care for the others.

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