Dec 28, 2013

Non-physical swords

Ethereal swords that harms spirit and mind, but leaves the body untouched.

Roll to hit as normal, but for target AC use the attribute that the sword targets. 

To create a sword, roll for appearance (two rolls), attribute and effect table (depends on attribute).

Appearance (roll twice; start with a standard sword)
1. S-shaped blade
2. Blade is like a wedge
3. Jagged
4. Blade is swirly, and engraved with a moral story
5. Blade is composed of stacked V:s (e.g. no pointy end)
6. Two thin, parallel blades
7. Filled with letter-shaped holes
8. Blade always seems to be pointing at the viewer, no matter the angle
9. Hilt is a living rodent
10. In windy places, the sword whistles
11. Blade is the length of a dagger, but the hilt is the size of that of a two-handed sword
12. Blade is impossible to sheathe

Targets this attribute (look up exact effect on its table below)
1-2. Intelligence
3-4. Wisdom
5-6. Charisma

Effects on hit: Intelligence
1. Releases one random spell (if applicable; otherwise nothing happens)
2. Target may only speak in verbs
3. Target's next move will be irrational and not very well planned
4. The common tongue is no longer understood by the target
5. Bleeds intelligence points; one point is lost per round (save ends; can't go below 3)
6. Target gets lost in an old riddle s/he suddenly remembers (save ends; unable to speak/react/move unless struck physically)

Effects on hit: Wisdom
1. Target gets a false memory about his/her current whereabouts; s/he will feel very strongly about it
2. Will only notice every other person in his/her vicinity (save ends)
3. Attacker shares one slice of his/her own wisdom, that is diametrically opposite of what the target believes in
4. Lose faith; start crying (save ends)
5. Lacunar amnesia:

  1. Memorized spells are forgotten
  2. Attacker is forgotten
  3. Current objective is forgotten
  4. Own name is forgotten

6. Everyone's a stranger; every new face is a possible friend

Effects on hit: Charisma
1. The next person the target talks to believes s/he is lying
2. One random hireling/henchman of the target suddenly feels disgusted by his/her presence; will leave next night (50 % chance will steal something as well)
3. Turn undead will attract instead of repent
4. Target's party believes him/her to be a traitor of their current cause
5. 1 point of Charisma is spilled on the floor; it materializes into a ghastly rat and runs away unless the target manages to catch it (which will restore the lost Charisma point)
6. Every word that leaves target's mouth annoys the receiver (save ends; annoyance may build up to violence if going on for too long)


  1. I like these, seem like good weapons for philosopher cults

    1. Yep, good for those nights of human sacrifices when you don't want to mop up the blood afterwards!