Dec 27, 2013

City of B

In the city of B, people adore and worship letters. Most of all, the letter B.

In the beginning, there was nothing but hope.
And then, the twice-pregnant came to B, and turned hope to land and C.
      (from the city's often wrongly cited historical ledger)

Consonants are most valued, because they are hard and indestructible like the mountains.
  • Only people of high age may add a consonant to the beginning of their names
  • The shape of the shield of the town guards reflect their rang; the closer to the letter B, the higher the rang. New recruits may only carry shields shaped like an O, probably because 1) they're supposed to do the fighting and therefore need more protection, and 2) it resembles the sound they make when fighting ("Ouw! Oof!")
  • Criminals have their names stripped of all consonants
  • The coins used are called (in order of value): boles, chives and debris, after the markings on the metals ("B", "C" and "D")

Vowels are the soft seas between the consonants. Wishy-washy things not really meant for pronunciation; more like sounds of someone breathing.

  • Children may only have names consisting of vowels. When they turn 10, they may add three consonants to their names except at the beginning (this day is called the B-day, in honor of the first consonant). At age 40 they may add additional two, or one at the beginning.
  • Most children are named after a specific thing, with all consonants removed. This is to encourage them to complete the name during their lifetime. 
  • When addressing foreigners, one or two vowels are added to the beginning of their names


  1. This is nothing short of brilliant. I hope this can be included in any of the adventures Im playing

    1. Thank you Antsypants. Maybe it exists just outside of Bandar Karahc?

  2. Hmmm. They might go for further sightseeing once they get hold of that red book.