Apr 21, 2013

The Swords of Ålrick the Hairy Barbarian

During his lifetime, Ålrick the Hairy Barbarian had him made a lot of different swords, not only due to his high demands and many wars, but also boredom.

On his eighteenth birthday, Ålrick was given a choice of weapon to represent him on the battlefield - the swiftness of a sword, or the might of an axe. Ålrick couldn't decide, and demanded a combination of them both.

The Shillyshally. Ålrick's first swaxe

During the Wicked Witch Wars, Ålrick ordered a new kind of weapon that not only would spread fear among his enemies, but also show Ålrick's more compassionate side. A weapon that would allow him to go into gruesome battle with his beloved.

He called it the Handholder.

The Handholder

(Although after recovering from the Wicked Witches Love Won't Tear You Apart Curse, he denied ever having ordered such a strange sword.)

As Ålrick grew older, he ordered more and more strange swords. As an elderman of his tribe, he mostly sat on his throne and occupied his blacksmith with stranger and stranger requests.

One of these turned into the Umlaut, a tribute from himself to himself.

The Umlaut