Apr 1, 2013

Hexenbrachen. Hex 0107

Hex 0107
Unsinkable cursed buckets. Lots of.

This area contains a lot of wooden buckets, floating but not drifting.

A curse of buoyancy keeps them floating, despite being filled with water and fish.

They served as helmets for the gnomes operating the now crashed airship (hex 2208). The creator of these unsinkable "helmets" had a theory that if enough airship passengers wore these helmets, the airship would defy gravity and keep itself floating (since an airborne vessel sinks much like a stone in water - slow, but steady).

It worked perfectly, until the gnomes got drunk one night and started throwing the buckets overboard (hex 0107). They crashed in hex 2208 eventually with the helmet maker as the sole survivor.

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