Mar 30, 2013

Tower road contains a lot of towers

A strange, winding road crammed with towers, each with their own ruler. This list contains but a few of them:

Courtesy Towers (aka Twin Bow Towers)
Two towers leaning next to each other. They are not connected. Some say it is the result of rheumatic stone, others mean it has to do with magnetism.

Why Tower
The two lovers who started building this tower got into a fight half-way. The shape of the tower reflects the iron will of them both, since no one wanted to move out.

The Grumpy Gargoyles
Connected through a narrow bridge at the top, shaped like the wing of a bat. There's a grotesque obsidian head on top of each tower, rumoured to contain 10000 bats.

Rook Tower
Fell out of the sky one foggy morning. Some say it fell of the table of two giants playing chess.

Winam Tower
Only entrance is at the top. Built of thick glass, and filled with a pale red liquid. Merpeople are said to currently occupy this building.

Star Tower
Two tiny towers (in comparison to most of the other buildings in the area), with star-shaped ornaments on the top. Home to the outerworldly molepeople.

Tall Tower (aka Upsisdon)
One of the tallest buildings in the area, but when you enter through the front door you'll notice there are no stairs leading up. The lobby contains only a trap door at its centre, revealing a darkness that smells of sulphur. Occasional screams have been recorded as well.


  1. It's a great concept in itself, but it has many more good ideas inside. Snippets of magic. This could make for a fine campaign setting, or a very engaging region within a larger world.

    1. Absolutely - the road up Tower Hill as a metaphor for the campaign, each new conquered tower reveals some new bit of the total story. Or just a way to accumulate XP, perhaps...

      I'm playing with the idea that each tower would be self-sufficient, meaning there's really no point for the rulers to go outside (which is why they aren't at war with each other). Or maybe they are suffering from some social phobia?

      I'd like to see how they've managed the interior design inside Twin Bow Towers!