Mar 24, 2013

Feline plague doctor

  • Believes cats carries diseases
  • Wears a porcelain mask and priest robes
  • Wears red leather gloves
  • Wields a long staff with an iron, hollow head on one end, that contains catnip and belladonna. Touching cats with the staff is believed to neutralize the disease for half a day
  • Killing a cat is forbidden, as it will release the disease - it is better for it to be contained within the cat and neutralized
  • Prays twice a day by repeatedly saying gatto morbus conrigo, and purring
  • Never removes its mask, which is why most people suspect they're only part human


  1. Very cool idea, and an excellent disguise to move through the city unobserved.

    1. Absolutely, just keep purring when those pesky city guards passes by.