Oct 6, 2015

On the distant island of Alphabet

On the distant island of Alphabet
crazy creations in motion are set.
The librarian warlock, tired of reading,
tore his books apart (without any grieving)
and threw them in the magic sea
(they are quite common there, you see).

But as he stood there on the shore,
face red, yelling: "WADDA NEED EM FOR?"
the dissolved paragraphs of sunken pages
touched the crazed geniuses of drowned mages.
"Neat!" one of the Water Magi said,
"let's bring life to that which always been dead!"

So now, on the distant island of Alphabet
twenty-six beasts crawls out of the wet.
Apex, ascender, serif, ear and tie.
All different, both in shape and cry,
but together they roam as a flock
proud children of the librarian warlock