Jan 2, 2013

7 devils

A spell of summoning tiny devils from below (or above, if you're already down there).

Roll 7d6, one for each devil.

Die results:
1. Either this die failed a summoning (nothing happens), or you've summoned fourth their master as well (see more further down)
2-3. Wicked devil (red)
4. Chaotic devil (slowly changes skin hue in pulses, going through the colours of the rainbow)
5-6. Nice devil (purple)

  • Wicked and nice devils will begin wrestling immediately, trying to push each other through the ground.
  • Nice devils will perform one simple task before disappearing, as long as there are no wicked ones in sight
  • Wicked ones will only taunt and bother anyone in their vicinity
  • All devils will disappear after a few minutes

Chaotic devils are further divided into:
  1. Greedy: flies around, trying to eat anything shiny until they're too heavy to lift from the ground.
  2. Sleepy: flies up in the air, yawns, and falls to the ground sleeping. Wakes up, and repeats the procedure.
  3. Paranoid: hides behind each other. Hates to be seen.
  4. Crazy about clothing: wants to wear any piece of garment it lays its eyes on, even if it's already being worn
  5. Imitating: repeats what others are saying, even if it doesn't understand the language. May also occasionally mimic gestures.
  6. Identity crisis: believes it's a...
    1. Cat
    2. Bird
    3. Furniture
    4. Sunbeam
    5. Someone's shadow
    6. Close relative to one of the players

Alternative for when a summoning die shows a one:
Instead of indicating a failed summoning, you've actually brought fourth a big, horned devil. It will take control of the other small devils, and attack immediately.

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