Jan 27, 2013

Honest Willard

Honest Willard

What: Small, single story house next to any lonely road. Four rooms of equal size: shop, bedroom, backroom (locked), kitchen.

People: Only Walter Willard, a man with a mustache. Sells curiosities from his shop, dead cheap. Everything's magical. Can't say where he got them from, though.

What's the deal with this guy: Everything he sells is magical - and cursed. There's a spinning, purple vortex in the backroom, connected to a similar shop on another plane, where a tall moon man runs a garbage disposal facility that specializes in cursed items.

What about the vortex: It's possible to enter the vortex, but years of disposing cursed items has tainted the flow, and will permanently curse anyone foolish enough to stick their thick head in there.

What about unhappy customers: Although many have wanted to chop his little head off, Willard is stuck with a Pacifist curse, making it impossible to even start hurting him. He got this many years ago when he stuck his thick head in the vortex.

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