Aug 11, 2013

The Lair of Shub-Muggah

Mr Telecanter offered a challenge the other day: Make a one page dungeon that uses only images and visual devices. No words. No abbreviations.

My attempt at this is below. The biggest challenge for me was to keep the "visual dungeon dressing" (e.g. skulls and bones and stuff laying around) at a minimum, since I wanted to use clear symbols and icons (like ideograms) to give clues to the DM reading the map. One way to solve this I guess is to draw the DM symbols in a different colour.

And yes, drinking from the Muggah cures headaches and tired eyes.


  1. Great map! I think I could use a cup of demonic coffee. I get very tired and my students require a lot of my energy. Mmmm...diabolic coffee...

    1. I think this whole map is a metaphor for a day at my work!

    2. If you added people hanging from meat hooks, that would also feel a bit like my work. I think we should just retire and play games all day!