Jan 28, 2016

Atop the Prismatic Wave, there is a village

The village on top of the Prismatic Wave travels along. The platform upon which the settlers have build its home is slippery (like algae on wet rock), and many have been lost due to bad (or no) shoes.

Therefore, it is common practice to use a rope and toss it between buildings - if there's a kind soul to give you a hand at rope's end, that is.

The Prismatic Wave is easily spotted due to its vivid colours and 200 meters tall profile.

The four tall buildings each houses a wizard, unable to leave their home. They hate the next wizard in a clock-wise order for reasons not entirely obvious.

Each wizard also keeps a small shop, specialized in one of following items:

  1. Small things that still lives
  2. Large things that still lives
  3. Bread, and treasure maps where the lines appear gradually the closer you get to the treasure
  4. Welcome mats (you can get them in any language you want)
They gate these things in through portals (that look very much out of place) on their attics, but may only do so twice a day.

Typical encounters include:
  1. Washed up fish making it hard to navigate the streets, or people risking their lives to get their hands on one or two
  2. Someone holding on to the edge, screaming for help
  3. A sour wizard throwing things at passersby from his attic window
  4. Being hit by a thick rope by someone who wishes to pass the street
  5. Winged beasts trying to push people over the edge, for a quick snack
  6. A drunkard trying to trade used welcome mats for beer
  7. A large beast (or even monster) running around the slippery streets due to a portal mishap of one of the wizards
  8. Florentia Mcnaught reading her god-awful poetry from her kitchen window

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