Jan 8, 2016

Common snakeox

  • Fur is actually hundreds of snakes
  • If startled, the snakes will scatter, leaving only the horns behind
    • The snakes will come searching for the horns (to reform the ox) in a couple of minutes
      • There's a urban legend going around about a failed hunter who collected these horns in his cabin, only to be overrun by thousands of snakes, all looking for their horns. They all merged into one enormous snakeox, with horns all over place, and trapped inside: the hunter, still alive.
    • In rare cases will the snakes attack instead
  • The snakeox will turn solid (e.g. turn into a real ox) if killed in a calm state
    • Highly sought-after meat


  1. Last spring I went on an expedition to photograph the majestic snake ox. Being a vegetarian, I know the snake ox would not see me as a threat. However, I could not overcome my innate fear of snakes and ran screaming into the hills. Perhaps I should go looking for the "cute and furry bunny ox" instead.

    1. Or, you could track down the infamous ox snake. It's pretty furry!