Jan 4, 2016

The village that forgot to feed its giant

I'm too lazy to write a proper encounter table, so here's one big rumour list instead. I'm so lazy I didn't even bother to divide it into proper sections. And you still have to decide which rumours are true. I'm so lazy.

  1. The Four Pillar Pyramid is really just the tip of the iceberg
  2. Jumping into a chasm just makes you reappear ten meters up in the sky, some meters away
  3. The tiny village by the lake really forgot to feed its giant; its spirit will awake next full moon and crush those puny beings
  4. The sand in the south-western dunes is edible and nutritious, although a bit dry
  5. The pillar by the Rim of the World is made of gemstones
  6. Entering a giant's skull with your eyes closed leads to the negative version of this world
  7. There are two blind octopuses searching for each other in the lake. If they meet they'll mend into the creature that'll devour the world
  8. Cursing and waving a dagger is the proper way to greet most villagers
  9. The tower by the lake lacks windows because it is inhabited by vampires
  10. The lone cross at the end of the mountain path isn't a burial site - it's a meeting place, but not for human beings
  11. Most barns in the forest has the rest of the giant's bones. They are said to bring good luck
  12. There are six cave entrances that leads to the shallow netherworld, each with its own kind of polymorph spell cast upon entering
  13. The Rim of the World is also the Rim of the Universe, and thus the Rim of Reality
  14. Every seventh tent belongs to a ghoul. It moves with the nomads but will not harm them as long they offer it human flesh every full moon
  15. The blood of the now gone giant is stored in the bark of the trees
  16. There's a wise woman meditating on top of one of the Four Pillars
  17. Never buy a yellow potion from a dune merchant; it's just camel piss and doesn't grant you immortal life
  18. The two skulls belonged to the same giant
  19. The Star Tower at the Rim of the World is supposed to be a prison, but nobody's heard from the warder in a while now
  20. The dead trees found scattered around the mountains aren't dead, but undead

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