Aug 22, 2022

Anagramming Monster Manual - Part C

I, lewd clam

A rude type of clam that once opened, won't stop shouting naughty things. Popular at parties.

Worn lac carrier

Part tree branch, part insect, this walking stick has a resinous, glossy armour. It's friendly until you touch it, and then you're stuck and slowly become part of its resinous armour.

Capable sot

Actually tiny swarm creatures, left after burning intelligent pear tree. Can be gathered and trained. In the wild, they often go for the eyes.

Lit talc dew

A grass that emits what looks like a white powder, almost snow like, only it is burning intensively. The grass lives on burnt meat.

Ear cunt

Moving on.

A detecting pine

A treant that lurks around the forest, gathering clues, to solve the mystery of...of...well, it can't remember now, it was long ago, but it was something big. Anyway, back to lurking!

Bacterial reapers

Pale, humanoid creatures with exaggerated fingers, flat, with which they scrape any surfaces they come across in hope that they will gather something truly vile and infectious. Some concocts they sell, some they just consume. Hides in tall grass and behind corners.

Harm ice

Like really stupid snow that gets in everywhere and you just like STOP IT and it just WHYYY and you just SERIOUSLY FALL SOMEWHERE ELSE and it's just like OH IT'S NOT ME IT'S THE WIND and you're just like YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN and it just HEY IS THAT YOUR EAR and you just panic and flap your arms around like a hyperactive bird and people stare and shake their heads and you regret that you didn't memorized fireball this morning.

Ear cock tic

Moving on (see also: four entries above).

Lo, a cut!

A wound that's actually part mimic, part wound. The mimic draws attention because the wound - "the cut" - is truly remarkable, but at the same time, the mimic emits an odour that makes most people (and most importantly: the wounded) uninterested in tending the actual wound. After a while, the wound gets infected, and eventually the wounded will die, and the mimic consume the dead body. It sometimes lie in wait on the tip of swords, ready for attach to a fresh cut.

An tic garb

Intelligent tics that hunt in packs. They hide on the inside of clothes, especially long dresses, waiting for someone to put them on. After that, they coordinate their bites so they attack at the same moment, sucking blood at an increased rate and capacity, finally weighing down their victim.

Satyric fin hag

A grandmother succubus, who also happens to be a really good swimmer and extremely misunderstood; statistically speaking, an adventurer is more likely to be hit by lightning than being bit by a satyric fin hag.

Loco cider

Liquid mimic, most often in the form of alcoholic beverages. After consumed, the victim will be digested from the inside by the mimic in a couple of hours, causing the poor sod to run around like crazy. After that, the spirit of the mimic then evaporates through the skin and spreads with the wind, hoping to infect another open bottle.


  1. Love these! The Wound Mimic is my favourite.

    1. Thanks Kelvin! Yeah mine too!

      I feel there are at least two typical LotFP spells in this list, but I leave it up to the reader to identify them....