Feb 8, 2020

Anagramming Players Handbook - Part 3: CHARACTER CLASSES


A religious class. A Circle lives after the following principles:
  1. Keeping equal distance - the personal sphere is of utmost importance. A Circle that doesn't uphold the strict order of keeping equal distance between things is called a disc; someone who let things inside their boundary
  2. Upholding an Eccentricity of Absolute Zero - that is, be like everyone else
  3. No weapons of straight lines, not even thrown weapons (i.e. bow and arrow, darts, throwing knives)

People of the coast, of the sea, of where ever the ground is moist and wet and at least shallow. Possess great navigational skills. Can predict the weather (if close to water). Can hold their breath for extended periods of time if submerged in water.

Characters of this class lives in clans, all sharing the same surname, which is that of a specific fish (or amphibian). They can communicate with these in their own bubbling language.

Characters of this class are experts of transports and bringing stuff along. They will always find a space left in their inventory for any item smaller than a clenched fist.

In situations that demand a specific item, characters of this class will nearly always (see table below) have it in their backpack, whether or not they packed it beforehand (as long as it's smaller than a clenched fist).
If smaller than a clenched fist, the requested item will be (roll below):
  1. Just the right one - exactly what we needed!
  2. Just the right one - only broken beyond repair
  3. Just the right one - broken and unusable, but not beyond repair
  4. Almost the right one - same type, different fits
  5. Almost the right one - only half as big as we needed it to be
  6. Almost the right one - only inverted/mirrored/flipped/inside out
For some reason this does not include gem stones or coin. Trying to pull out a gem stone at the right situation (using the method above) will ALWAYS summon a tortoise instead.

The project leader. The one of will get things done - if we only find these four or five people living very far from each other. She who knows experts in all fields - but is a master of none herself.

Characters of this class can always come up with a solution to ANY problem, but the solution always includes:
  1. Other people, equal to a 1d6 roll...
  2. ...all living in different parts of the country/plane (village, city, town, etc.)...
  3. ...the written consent of a professor of one of the many UNIVERSITIES that train Aid Plan characters
(Sometimes, one of the required person in the first bullet will be such a professor. Happy days.)

Solving problems without a written consent will be punished by death. There is no running away from the UNIVERSITY BOUNTY HUNTERS.

The collector. Characters of this class are often excellent tradesmen, or runs little shops with strange goods and items, bought at cheap (or, "bought") and sold for a nice profit.

Garners have no moral.

Garners are sometimes compared to dragons in that they accumulate wealth, but unlike the dragon, a Garner does not wish to hold onto things for too long - a "stale" good, however expensive, is a lost profit if never sold.

The bard who never inspires, but may annoy and distract their enemies. When a Rage Musician starts playing (only in combat, otherwise they can't stand music, not even a whistle), they will play fast, hard and angrily for 1d4 rounds - after which they will smash their instrument to pieces:
  1. On the closest enemy - inflicting 1d6 points of damage
  2. On the closest enemy - inflicting 2d6 points of damage
  3. On the closest furniture
  4. On the closest party member - inflicting 1d4 of damage
  5. On the ground
  6. On the ground - causing a shockwave that knocks everyone in a 10 feet radius to fall on their behinds
During this musical rampage they are invincible, and hardly still (they will bump into whoever).

The alchemist. Addict. Give them a day, an alembic, fire, and any four ingredients, and they will produce an oil of unknown effects - unless they drink it themselves (80% risk).

Characters of this class are excellent burglars. Legend speaks of the Ur-He Fit, the one who needed only a keyhole.

He Fit-characters lacks any strength. They are terrible fighters.

Another religious class, only of no real faith. They make up a faith suitable to the current situation, so that it benefits them the most.

Characters of this classes may only be 16 years or younger. They can't feel fear. They dismiss enemies of non-humanoid types as silly - which is actually a strange kind of magic that uses Dismissive Psionic Waves to bring insecurity and annoyance to their enemies.

They are usually really good at learning things quickly, but they have no interest in displaying these skills when they are most needed.

They have like a lot of friends.


  1. So good. Freight or Rage Music are my favourites, but they are all good.

    1. Yeah Rage Music turned out really good, but having to restock on instruments every time the party returns to town... You better find a city that loves music, or start making your own lutes!