Feb 3, 2020

Anagramming Players Handbook - Part 1: CHARACTER ABILITIES


  • St. Nth Erg - determines the character's faith in one unspecific incarnation of the saint that protects all sailors of small vessels
  • Let In Nice Leg - determines the character's ability to sneak into establishments where she really shouldn't be allowed to
  • Ms. Id Ow - determines the character's ability to withstand and inflict psionic pain especially targeted against the dark pleasure parts of the brain
  • Ex Tit Dyer - determines the magnitude of strange and exotic jobs taken prior to the character's current way of life (which is that of an adventurer)
  • To Tonic Units - determines the character's skill in potion brewery and insight into alchemical potency, especially those dealing with alcohol
  • Archaism - determines the character's ability to deal with old history, the outdated, the no longer understood - whatever the topic. Also determines how well understood the character is (higher score, less so)


  1. I don't know how serious you are about this, but I think it could work!

    1. I'm nearly always somewhat serious!

      Let me see, 3d6 in order...

      St. Nth Erg: 9
      Let In Nice Leg: 8
      Ms. Id Ow: 12
      Ex Tit Dyer: 6
      To Tonic Units: 8
      Archaism: 11

      Hmm, what does that give us? A psionic librarian..?

      On a more serious note, these abilities actually do a bit of world building on their own. I'm going to continue with my anagram series through the AD&D Players Handbook, it could be fun to see where it leads me.