Feb 4, 2020

Anagramming Players Handbook - Part 2: CHARACTER RACES


You gain advantage when facing problems that involves patterns, logical thinking, and pushing tiny, tiny squares in a orderly, correct sequence - BUT ONLY during combat. You cannot think without adrenaline - when out of combat, you are really dumb.

You wear glasses. You have disadvantage at all times if not. They are not magical.

You may summon thick prismatic lines from a flat, square, abysmal black, polished rock. These lines bounces around the flat surface of the polished rock for 1 round, before materializing into reality, and start bouncing round in straight lines, like rays cast FROM BEYOND THE VOID. They deal very little damage. They may mesmerize any opponent for 2 minutes.

You are a mook. You are never outnumbered - you are on the opposite side, outnumbering that lone, naked-from-the-waist up person kicking her way to the top of the tower, where your leader is. BUT YOU CAN CHANGE!

You have a vast network of contacts wherever you are. You only need to do a quick nod to get into shady establishments - proven that the bouncer at the entrance has that same grim look on her face as you do.

You are really tough. Like, rock hard. You weigh ten times more than everyone else.

Normal weapons cannot harm you, but watch out for pickaxes.

You can never heal, and you can never die. You can only become more and more divided, into smaller parts, until your conscience is too spread out and you become of the wind (or the muddy sea bottom). So watch out for that pickaxe.

You have no parents. You are made in the dirt by the tangled roots of the trees of FANG HILL, and you long for blood.

You have two abnormal long teeth. You can unscrew these and use as tools, or for climbing a hill side, maybe even the side of FANG HILL, or for tossing them at an enemy (treat as throwing knife).

You are of the race of eternal children. You have never seen grown ups, and can never understand the concept of ageing. Any humanoid older than ten is a Giant Ma Shun in your eyes.

You are very shy among non-eternal children. Unless you cover your eyes in combat, you are paralysed and cannot act. Covering your eyes lets you perceive the world in a wireframe mode. You cannot see ropes or straight lines in this mode.


  1. These are even better than the ability scores!

    1. Cheers!
      Watch this space for the kickstarter...

    2. As I write up this new entry, I'm noticing I'm investing a bit too much time and energy into what I at first thought of as "this is a funny little project"...