Dec 2, 2012

The annual common goblin cold

During the long, cold winter, 1 out of 20 goblins is affected by the annual common goblin cold.

It's a short lived illness, lasting no longer than a a couple of days, during which the goblin besides sneezing will:
  • Put on a strange red hat
  • Disappear from the goblin village
  • And deliver presents

The goblin is struck by a compulsive behaviour, forcing it to hand out gifts whether the receiver wants it or not. It will do this mostly during the dark hours of the day.

The presents are wrapped in:
  1. Animal hide
  2. Expensive (probably stolen) cloths
  3. Used goblin underwear
  4. Torn clothes
  5. Moss
  6. A stained carpet
Unfortunately for the gift receiver, the wrapped present may contain anything the sick goblin finds during his travels, most probably something it steals from any settlements it wanders upon.
In general, the gift most probably contains:
  1. A wooden stick
  2. Kitchen utensils
  3. Goblin underwear
  4. A key
  5. A leather pouch containing three other things from this list
  6. 1d6 coins from another country
  7. A toe from a troll
  8. Wine with a strange taste of cinnamon
  9. A small iron box, locked. A sound can be heard from within.
  10. A leather strap with runes on it
  11. A bucket
  12. Dirt
The condition of the content is:
1-7. Normal
8. Broken/useless
9. The inverse of its obvious usage
10. Out of this world-magical
Although most goblins don't speak the human tongue, it never hurts to say "thank you".


  1. I appear to have received an iron box wrapped in moss. I can't wait to open it!

  2. Oh but they mean well!
    It's better than what the missus got: a bottle of wine wrapped in goblin underwear...