Dec 9, 2012

Monster's got the blues (or God is a bard)

Once in a while, the reanimated bones of a skeleton or the rotting corpse of an undead is struck by a distant memory from its past, from before it became what it is today.

In this moment of nostalgia, it is overwhelmed with sad feelings and an urge to release this sudden sadness. A few burst into fight, some are paralysed and frozen in place, but most burst into melancholic singing for some strange reason.

Unless attacked, the undead will complete its singing before returning to whatever it was doing before the memory struck.

There's a 5 % risk the singing will sadden anyone in its direct vicinity (that is listening). The affected person will be unable to act properly up till one minute after the singing ends.
All actions are performed with a penalty due to watery eyes.

The sad song is...
  1. ...gibberish words. Babble. But sad.
  2. ...the one about the farmer who fell in love with his scarecrow
  3. ...about a ghoul who was a fool to fall in love with the dove he just ate from a plate
  4. food related word after the other
  5. ...about the dragon that ate a bride on her wedding day - over and over again, because they were stuck in time
  6. ...about how much it misses its mother
  7. ...about the boy who fell in love with the most beautiful person in the world, only to discover it was his own reflection (this is a duet)
  8. ...about the decline of a now long gone empire
  9. ...filled with words that rhymes with "love"
  10. ...about the dead hero who was resurrected by an evil necromancer, to serve as his minion for all eternity
If the undead lacks a tongue (and/or a throat), the song will be sung in silence.

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