Jun 14, 2020

Spells take up inventory space

Just a short and untested idea that's probably been hashed before, but:

Instead of keeping a separate record of what spells that are memorized, make them take up inventory space/weight equal to their level.

So if you're tracking inventory space in a grid system: level 1 spells takes up one space, level 2 spells takes up two, and so on. Or if you're counting weight, make their level equal to some logical unit like pounds.

And to end this post, here's another picture of two wizards arguing:


  1. That is basically what Knave does. One spellbook = one spell = one inventory slot.

    1. I have to check out Knave sometime, I've heard some good things about it.

    2. You should! It's actually a brilliant read, because the author describes his reasoning for various things (like using WIS for ranged attacks) in designer notes.

    3. Another idea I'm toying around with is turning "Inventory" into "Burden", that is, instead of tracking just physical stuff (like the Knave thing with 1 spell = 1 spell book = 1 inventory slot), have a "Burden" grid that acts like an inventory, but is filled up with everything that burdens the character, e.g. items, spells, loss of friends, etc.

      I'm eyeing Knave on DrivethruRPG now, looks like my next purchase, thanks for the tip!

      And thanks for reading!