Dec 8, 2014

Cyberpunk city generator (sort of), part 1

While reading up on the tragic background story of Bubble Bobble the other day, I found myself all of a sudden staring at old circuit boards.

Don't they look like futuristic cities from above? Warehouses, monorails, parks (synthetic, but hey, at least I got a sheep to care for)...

Look at this for instance (from Wikipedia):

This is what I see:

(...and everything between is just streets, LCD-thugs, and beambikers, of course).

Or this rail yard for lightbeamed monorail trains (also from Wikipedia):

To find more circuit boards/cyberpunk cities, just google "pcb arcade" (I added "arcade" because I wanted the boards to look old and/or have more of those big black thingies. Yes, I am aware they do have a technical name, but for now let's just call them thingies).

In part 2 I'll add a bunch of tables to generate LCD-thugs, beambikers, corporations to trust your life with, etc.


  1. That is a pretty neat -and thematic- way to generate city section for Cyberpunkish games, well done.

    1. Thanks! Hopefully it's not too time consuming.