Oct 20, 2013

Tiny helpers

A wizard may summon tiny helpers (imps) by sacrificing some of his life. Each conjured imp requires 1 hp of the wizard.

Unfortunately,  he can't control the exact amount of helpers summoned - he may only vaguely state "a few" (d4), "a bunch" (d6) or "plenty" (d8) beforehand. Roll the die in parenthesis, summon that many imps - and hope your hit points are sufficient.

When the wizard regains his health (through sleep, potions, etc.), an equal amount of imps disappears in a puff of smoke (although some have witnessed tiny explosions as well).

The base characteristics of a tiny helper are:
  • Size of a very large apple
  • Life: 1 hp
  • Weakest armour class
  • Can carry 0.5 kg
  • Speaks balderdash fluently, but understands the wizard perfectly
  • Leather trousers

The summoned imps have other traits as well, but those depend on when the wizard summons the helpers (effects stack):
  • At full moon: gain wings and the ability to fly. No eyes though; they use click-sounds with their tongue to navigate
  • During sunrise: only one eye, but it is twice as big, and it shines as strong as the sun
  • After a big feast (when the wizard's full): can carry 5 kg, but they are fat and doesn't like taking orders
  • During rainfall: can breathe underwater, but will suffocate on land (keep them in a bag of water). Excellent swimmers.
  • On a beach: the helpers are constantly burning, so watch where they put their tiny feet
  • In complete darkness: for some reason, they just can't keep quiet. These imps are known to be able to speak two sentences in the common tongue: "HELLO?" and "WHERE ARE YOU?"

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