Oct 13, 2013

The Blood Connoisseur

Oh please, sit, sit!
Don't you lift your finger, not even a bit!
A guest is at his best
when he's served, oh how absurd!
I forgot our cheese!
And crackers! Oh, please,
not to mention, two glasses of red!
Hm, what was that you said?
Pimbleman's Cut?
Oh sweetie surely you're jok-...oh you're not...
That was...a different take,
on, one may say, this toxic some drink today
Just feels like a waste
of tongue and taste...
Oh, listen to me, old and sour!
Hope my warm hospitality didn't turn into a cold shower!
But, you know what? To hell
with crackers and cheese!
I'll taste your Pimbleman, to have you be at ease!
But after that, I will spoil your tongue
with a wine that makes you feel vivid and strong
and we'll dance in this moonlit salon!
Don't be alarmed, miss, but when I kiss
I may just nibble a bit...

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