Oct 28, 2012

Cursed by a rutabaga

Every farmer knows about bad soil. It happens to everyone and when it does, you have two options:
  1. Burn the crop and starve through the winter
  2. Harvest, keep quiet and sell it to them don't-know-better-townsfolk
Bad soil produces living crops, and one of the better known are cursed rutabagas. Their tiny eye and small mouth are near impossible to spot (unless tickled), and since they don't taste all too different, not many will ever notice.

Some of the side effects of eating a meal containing living rutabagas are:

  • Invisible private sphere: an invisible field surrounds the person, stretching about one meter around. Disrupting this field by walking through it or just coming to close, will cause the cursed person to (1d6):
    1. Panic in silence, being unable to concentrate
    2. Start sweating, being unable to hold on to anything
    3. Look the other way
    4. Clear their throat until they go sore and can't speak
    5. Wait 30 seconds, and then take one step to the side
    6. Start fiddling with their spell book or weapon, until they accidentally hurt themselves (by firing off a random spell or just cut their fingers)

  • Every spell casting is concluded with a few words about the weather. And it's never quite the correct temperature.

  • At the end of a fight, the cursed person says "We must do this again soon."

  • Happily pays taxes and tithes when arriving in new towns.

  • Avoids conflicts at all cost. If forced, consult table above.

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  1. Well, it's a good thing I removed rutabegas from my soup recipe!