Jan 5, 2024

Chaindude and the happiest AI-CANISTER in the world


What is the CHAINDUDE listening to?

Why is the AI-CANISTER so happy?

Is it real or artificial happiness?

What is it looking at?

What does it contain?

Are those tattoos or static interference on his arms?

Is he, in fact, being electrocuted at this very moment?

Is it a chain or a cord?

Is he, in fact, actually a bass player looking for an amplifier?

Is he sweaty or just badly shaded?

Stay tuned* to find out!

(* I won't repeat the footnote joke, you'll just have to go look for it yourself)


  1. Who is Chaindude? Will we see him again?

    1. Re-reading the blog post, I now am 100% certain that Chaindude is a bass player on a quest to find his old ska-rock band The Chain On The Chins. AI-CANISTER is the only recorder known to hold audio from the rest of the band, where they speak about what cyberpub to hit next.