Jan 21, 2023

My daughter's monster: a blob

This (very early) morning me and my eight year old daughter had a little drawing session, and she made up this blob monster; image and description and all. Maybe you could use it in this dungeon? Enjoy!


Shoots thorns (green lines on top).

Thorns hitting adventurers depletes health, but if the thorn hits a fellow monster the effect varies with where it lands:

  • Eyes: can see into the future
  • Head: really smart, and can figure out really smart ways of defeating adventurers
  • Muscle: becomes strong, so that one could lift 50 000 houses
  • Stomach: becomes a ghost, gain ability to fly
  • Ear: really good hearing (apprx. the distance of half a planet)
  • Foot: becomes a giant

 The blob is built in layers (starting from the innermost):

  • A golden heart (yellow)
  • Lava (red)
  • Ice poison (blue)
  • Thin membrane of liquid poison (purple)
  • Glass shards (purple)
  • Grass filled with wasp tags; may paralyse (green)
  • Membrane of silver ice

The north area of the blob (just below the green lines) is a wound that didn't heal all too well. Mostly lava.

The sharp thorns around (triangles) comes in two variations:

  • Gold: indestructible. If you hit these, they will open up and shoot New Year's rockets that will swallow swords "and so on" (she never explained this)
  • Pink: giant hogweed. If you hit these, they will open up and shoot New Year's rockets filled with "giant hogweed poison"

The creator of such a blob is immune to its effects. If the creator is killed, the blob will resurrect them.


  1. Replies
    1. She’s a really soft DM actually! It’s just her monsters that are impossible.

  2. This is a great monster, although I think I would save it for a level boss.

    1. In her dungeons, EVERYTHING is a level boss!