Nov 25, 2021

Anagramming Monster Manual - Part B

A bob no 

A hairdo mimic.


Bad erg

A desert mimic that smokes and calls you names.


A rebuilt hi chum

A friendly golem made from scrap metal, gas powered.

A radar cub

A puppy that can detect blink dogs. GOOD BOY!

I ask libs

A curious monster that attacks with words and questions, mostly found around old tomes and books.


A shaved Ursidae.

Rave be

A nocturnal, energetic monster with a fluorescent tongue.

Let bee

A stirge you just have to put behind you.

Elder hob

Shaped like a three-sided wooden box, it sneaks up to houses at night and knocks off a brick or two, and runs off with them.

Pub dick gland

Found in taverns, it... Moving on.

Gild knob

A door handle mimic that gentle covers the inside of your hand with gold leaf. These people are highly sought after.

A bro

Either you love this monster, or you hate it. In any case, you most definitely know it.

Near limbo

These thin spectres, bent over in impossible ways, will try to take hold on you and drag you through the ground, to the antechamber of the infinite waiting halls.

I be worn

A clothing mimic, impossible to get rid of because of its cut, that manages to both hurt and look dashing!

Of a flub

A wizard made it, unknowingly.

Be a grub

Iron rations mimic.

Butt eel

Moving on.


Teenage monster, texting her bestie life advice about whatevs K THX BAI.


  1. Butt Eels are the worst. Never skinny dip in lakes where they lurk.