Apr 22, 2021

Four picture prep


As I upload these sketches and as I type in the title of this blog post, I start to wonder if you could use only four pictures for all things in session - that is, that's the prep for the night.

The four pictures above would then - for the whole session - all represent:
  • The adventuring party
  • Random encounters
  • Loot
  • Plot hooks
  • Room descriptions
  • NPC personality traits
  • etc
For instance, you need to roll for a random encounter. Roll a 1d4 and either just use that picture as is ("You meet a knight in a never before seen armour; the knight waves at you and greet you all with a monotonous "HELLO EARTHLINGS!"), or rip off the various pieces found in the picture ("You find animal horns and hair - lots of hair").

(Now I need to get back to work. Ta-da)


  1. I've pondered something similar using the vision cards from Dixit or Mysterium. Would it be possible to generate an adventure from those and what would it be like?

  2. Oh, and I've also wondered whether it would be possible to do an adventure or setting which was purely visual. Probably not, you would need some text in there, but maybe you could make it 90% pictures.

    1. Oh absolutely, I think it - like all things - it depends on the group, e.g. some players will happily accept that they found "a nice cloth" (in which a pure visual setting would be sufficient for any DM), while others demand to know the thread count and a completely accurate logical explaination (and the poor DM can't just roll 500d20).

      Now I remember some very old thread on G+ where people posted pure visual settings, but that's long gone now. But I like the restriction above with just four pictures, it's like writing poetry following a strict form (i.e. sonnet).