Mar 5, 2019

30 minute map: Loch Pyramid

Loch Pyramid

A 30-minute map and adventure - I spent 15 minutes on the bloody one-line drawing below so I don't have much time left!

Background generator

  1. The pyramid has been used as a trashpit for the last century, but it doesn't seem to ever fill up. Something inside is consuming the trash
  2. This site by the water had neither a pyramid or the pillars last night. They are wet as if they were washed up from the beach below
  3. The very ordinary looking house on the courtyard in front of the pyramid seems out of place. No one can remember building it. It has no windows, and the front door is locked. Vultures flock on the roof, far above.
  4. Water levels are rising alarmingly fast each day, and the old campsite below is not safe anymore. Caravans are seeking shelter on the plateu on top of the stairs, but the old legend about jinns stealing things and keeping them in the old pyramid is always near. Two nights ago, the court wizard disappeared, and last night her head came rolling down the pyramid. Stranger still, she's still alive.
  5. Birds are diving into the sand on top of the plateu as if it were just water. The plunge in, disappearing beneath the sand, and come up some minutes later with pearl beads and gemstones. But once in a while, the beads are replaced with freshly cut fingers or eyeballs
  6. It's a mimic

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