May 14, 2018

PuterPlane (an extremely tiny setting): STACKSPACE

  • STACKSPACE is the area between the planets (like normal space)
  • It's also kind of an entity that likes to keep track of whoever floats around in it
  • You may always enter STACKSPACE, but to leave either...
    • You must be the last being who entered
    • Or everyone who entered before you must first leave, in proper order
  • The CORRECT ORDER OF THINGS is a large list readable by all beings in STACKSPACE
    • It can be downloaded through the waves at 5918.43 MHz
    • Lists beings (and their whereabouts) that need to leave before you
      • Since it gives away locations, it's a popular tool to use by bounty hunters
  • OVERFLOWING STACKSPACE occurs when too many beings enter STACKSPACE, and it can't keep track of them all
    • The OVERFLOW causes ALL beings to be flushed onto any random planet in the being's proximity, thus emptying STACKSPACE completely
    • Rumour has it that it's possible to enter STACKSPACE during the small window of an OVERFLOW
      • You still take up space, but you may leave at any time
      • Leaving in this way (improperly, out-of-order) causes noticeable fragmentation ("holes") of the void
        • When fragmentation is too high, the COLLECTOR will arrive and:
          1. Lock down STACKSPACE (unable to enter or leave)
          2. Spend time hunting down beings currently in STACKSPACE, and put them in a neat line
          3. When the COLLECTOR feels like the job is done, it will unlock STACKSPACE and flush the neat line onto the nearest planet/sun
  • Beings who die in STACKSPACE are still counted for; they too must "leave"
    • A few blaster shots most likely takes care of this

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