Apr 23, 2015

Tell everybody to bring physical spell books

Some of us still use CDs. Or even LPs. Or musicassettes.

Why not use them as spell books?

  • Track number is spell level
  • Track name is spell name (obviously)
  • The A-side contains the hits; good spells that doesn't take too long to cast or memorize, but their effect will fade over time
  • The B-side will take longer to memorize, and their immediate effect on you (or the spell target) will not be obvious at first (e.g. there may be additional side-effects). It will take time to get used to these spells, and there will always be wizards claiming these to be their favourites
  • Track length tells us its components (minute field), and range (seconds):
    • Components (minutes):
      • 0-1: Verbal (singing)
      • 2: Verbal (growling)
      • 3: Somatic (fine dancing, ballet)
      • 4: Somatic (krumping)
      • 5: Material (food)
      • 6: Material (steel)
      • 7 and above: combine the ones above in any way such as their sum equals the track length in minutes, for instance 5 (Food)+2 (Growl) = 7 minutes
    • Range (seconds):
      • 00-19: Personal
      • 20-29: Touch
      • 30-49: Earshot
      • 50-58: Eye sight
      • 59: Thought (if met in person less than an hour ago)

If the spell effect - drawn from the name of the spell (e.g. song title) - isn't obvious, it's up to the casting player to make up its effect to the GM in a convincing way. If you don't get your desired effect, add a undesirable side-effect to the spell (e.g. caster's nose grows each successful casting) and keep going. Or switch CD.

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