Feb 19, 2013

The Amalgamater

The Amalgamater

The Amalgamater is a magic-user without spells of her own. She may only learn spells by combining them on the fly in the heat of battle.

Starting at second level, the Amalgamater can on her turn combine the last two spells cast in an encounter. She can memorize an amount of spells equal to one less than her level.

When trying to a learn a combined spell, throw 2d6 (one for each of the last two spells cast).

  • If both die show the same number, the Amalgamatar may choose in which order to pronounce the spell names, and the conjunction between (from the table below) freely

  • Otherwise: look up the sum of the two dice in the table below to find the conjunction. The final combined spell name is the spell name of the lowest dice, the conjunction, and then the spell name of the other die.

Every time she amalgamates (combines), she has to memorize the new spell, meaning she must forget any currently in store.
After casting a memorized spell, it is gone forever.

Conjunction table:
2-3. While
4-6. In
7-9. Unless
10-12. Nor

Example 1:
The Amalgamater decides to learn a new spell. The last two spells cast in the encounter are Cure light wounds and Light.

She throws two dice, resulting in a 2 and a 5. Not the same number, so she looks up their sum in the conjunction table (seven = "Unless"), and starts with the lowest die to learn the new spell "Cure light wounds unless light".

The DM may interpret this in many different ways, but one may be that wounds may only be healed if the environment is properly lit (or even in bright sunlight). Another possibility is that to in order to heal a wound, the Amalgamater must burn it first.

Example 2:
This time, the last two spells were Magic missile and Sleep.

She throws the dice, and gets snake eyes (two ones). But, since they share the same number, the Amalgamater may choose freely from the conjunction table, and even the order of the spell names.

She decides on while, and starts with Sleep: "Sleep while magic missile" (because the other form would mean she would shoot bolts of magic every time it was time to rest). Now she just fires away a missile, and then falls asleep.


  1. A bit confusing, but seems fun. What is the go for 1st level? Like what spells can you choose and how do you get more?

    1. Thanks! Yes it's a bit confusing, I agree.

      She doesn't have any spells at 1st level. At second level she gains the ability to combine other caster's spells into her own (memorization). After memorizing, she may cast that as a normal spell.

      Having this as its own class may be a bit hindering, I guess, since she have to wait until at least two spells has been cast _every_ encounter (unless she has one memorized).
      Maybe make it more like an option for fighters?


    2. I like it as a class, a kinda self taught gutter wizard.
      I would just give them one random rolled spell that they know at first level, and always can memorize that one spell. Maybe needs something else so it is not so reliant on running into other spell casters or having them in the party. Hmm

    3. Maybe generate that first random spell in the same way, e.g. roll for two random 1st level spells with a conjunction?

      I was toying around with transforming this class into The Conjunstructioner (Conjunction + Construction), who would imbue weapons with a condition: "Attacks goblins while fatigued", or similar.

      Classes are hard!